This isn’t your average fanatic blog about someone’s favorite team (not that anything’s wrong with those). This is a blog dedicated to a deeper understanding of the game of football. My goal is give readers a little of everything: theory, strategy, insight, the history and evolution of the sport…all with a healthy dose of humor.

I hope to provide objective perspectives, unique commentary, and a safe forum for discussion of the finer points of the game. I hope to share football knowledge, appreciation, and passion. But mostly, I hope to learn more each day through research, writing, and you, the readers. 

I seek the ultimate mastery of all things football. Join me.

Why “the film room”?

I’ve had the privilege of being in a room full of coaches while watching games. I can tell you there’s nothing quite like it. The game starts, and everyone is on the couch and in chairs. The game progresses, and everyone moves closer and closer to the TV. The game ends, and everyone is standing a foot away from the screen because it was easier to point out players, subtle body language, and projected play movement during the game. Plays are paused, replayed ad nauseam (both at regular speed and in various degrees of slow motion), dissected, and argued. A three hour game takes more like five hours to watch, but I’ve never learned more in my life than I did while observing the mannerisms and listening to the analyses of the coaches. It’s the closest I’ve ever been to being in the film room and it was glorious.

The film room is where the magic happens. It’s where coaches and players alike study strategy and tactics, research their opponents, learn from their successes and mistakes, and innovate the sport. This blog is intended to be the virtual film room where we can all learn the nuances and complexities of the game of football.


Please Note:

  1. I’ll tell you upfront that I’m a very proud and devoted University of Oregon Ducks and San Diego Chargers fan. However, this is not a blog about my teams. Sure, I will occasionally write about them, but I’m not looking to force my fandoms on you or make you feel bad about yours.
  2. To say I’m uncouth is a massive understatement. If you have a moral objection to gratuitous cursing, I suggest you read no further.
  3. I’m all about friendly rivalries and debate. Nonetheless, I absolutely will not tolerate abusive, malicious, rude, offensive, etc. comments directed towards me or other readers. Similarly, I will not condone attacks on individuals and the teams they support. I want everyone to feel secure expressing their stories, thoughts, beliefs, and opinions here, and I will not allow trolls to threaten that security. You have been warned.