That Football Moment You Still Remember

There’s always a few of those plays or games that were so impactful that you remember where you were and what you were doing when they happened. Coincidentally, ESPN’s Flashback Friday this week was that very play for me.

It was November 2005, and I was in my first semester at the University of Oregon. I was at the Veterans Center with my dad, some of his friends, and his then wife. It could have been because I was suffering from undiagnosed and untreated seasonal affective disorder (likely) or because I was avoiding my dad’s vile and insufferable ex-wife (more likely), but I was isolating myself in the bar area and watching the USC v. Fresno State game. I don’t have a particular attachment to either team (unless despising USC counts as an attachment), but I’ll choose any kind of football over awkward social settings at every opportunity.

Reggie Bush was breaking away down the sidelines. My jaw hung open in a stupor as he sprinted, stopped, shook a tackle, changed direction, and took off in a sprint again. To this day, it is some of the best running and situational awareness I’ve seen in college football. Think what you want about USC and Reggie Bush, but the talent in that moment was undeniable.

My dad came in to check on me as they showed the replay. I was standing at the bar, too in awe of what I had just witnessed to sit down, and excitedly muttering things to myself. My dad started to ask how I was, and I cut him off.

“SHHH, Dad, watch this shit.” I don’t think we ever got to talking about how I was after that.

Here’s a link to the clip for those who are unfamiliar with my reference:

3 thoughts on “That Football Moment You Still Remember

      • I was going to say something like when the Seahawks whooped up on the Broncos in their winning year or one of the other two recent super bowls they were in. I was deployed during the last one and was up until 3:30am watching the game. The other time was when I was overseas and couldn’t watch the playoff game against the Packers where they eaked it out in the last couple mins. I was having breakfast and the replay was on and they made 2 touchdowns in like two minutes and I was out of my chair screaming go, go, go and everyone was looking at me like I was crazy! My favorite was a Seahawks game that a lot of family and friends went to with me. We had great seats just outside of where people were getting snowed on and everyone had an amazing time. They won and there were mostly playful snowball fights with fans afterwards. It was just a memorable moment that went beyond just watching our team!

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